Careers That A Masters In Fashion Can Lead To

Careers That A Masters In Fashion Can Lead To

12 March 2020
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A master's degree in fashion exposes students to the expansive fashion industry, and there are many ways that students can work in this industry upon graduating. If you're considering a master's in fashion, here are some of the careers that such a degree can lead to.

Fashion Designer

For many, the ultimate career in fashion is to become a successful fashion designer. Most artists would love nothing more than to express their vision through art and make money doing so, and clothing is the medium that fashion designers use to do exactly this.

Enrolling in a master's fashion program won't guarantee you a successful career as a fashion designer, and you don't necessarily even need to complete this type of program to become a designer.

The artistic and business courses that a master's fashion program includes will certainly help you understand how to create unique and marketable clothes, though, and this is certainly a potential career that you can follow after graduating.

Retail Buyer

A retail buyer is an employee who makes purchasing decisions for a retail store. Buyers scour trade shows, markets, independent shops, and the internet for the next best products to sell, and they negotiate the purchase terms of products that they deem worthy of carrying.

A master's in fashion program is the perfect preparation for working as a retail buyer in the fashion industry. With an understanding of industry trends and connections that you'll make throughout a master's program, you'll be well-positioned to both find and evaluate promising clothing products.

Pattern Maker

A pattern maker doesn't take on all of the risks that a fashion designer does, but they often work with designers to execute the new clothing designs that the designer comes up with.

Through a master's in fashion program, you'll gain the vocabulary needed to understand what a fashion designer is asking for in a pattern. You'll also get the mathematical and sewing skills that you'll need to design new patterns.

Fashion Influencer

In today's digital age, some master's in fashion students are turning to social media for viable careers. Specifically, a master's in fashion can set you up for a career as a fashion influencer.

In order to be a successful influencer, you'll have to be able to find unique fashion items, critique articles of clothing, and adjust as general taste changes. These are all skills that you'll learn during a master's in fashion program.